What is the “Third Wave of Mission”?

Fr. Robert Schreiter, CPPS, states that the first wave of mission developed out of the first round of globalization when Europeans in the 15th century developed sailing skills to reach Africa, Asia and the Americas. They brought along the first missionaries from various religious orders.

With the advent of the steam engine, the second wave of globalization allowed nations to penetrate further into their colonies and national missionary societies developed to plant the church in those areas in the second wave of mission.

Today the third wave of globalization with air travel, internet, and cell phones, enables laity to form respectful relationships of solidarity more easily with others around the U.S. and the globe through mission trips, short-term missionary work, and parish twinning. This is the third wave of mission.

The Third Wave of Mission Institute was formed to respond to the needs of the recent emergence of Christians involved in short-term mission and parish partnership efforts.